Your perfect way to love.

Geschreven in juni 2011

How come…

That every time I see your face.

Everything I have inside,

all the pain and anger for you,

just melts.


How come…

I seem to forget all of it.

I just let go of the past,

that was harder and better,

then all the ones before.


How come…

That I don’t seem to realize.

That this will be,

just as before,

another game.


A game you will win.

Cause it is your game.

You make the rules,

and you’ll play it your way.


And what’s my part in it…

I need to follow,

need to respond and need to be willing

Cause if I don’t…

I’ll lose you again.


It starts out, going well.

I learn to participate in the game

I learn to tell you, all you want to hear.

I learn to let go of my own thinking.


And then….

Then something snaps.

All the anger and pain is there again.

And I decide not to play anymore.


It will happen again cause it happened before.

And though every time I try to change the rules.

Try to let me, be the one to win.

I lose.


Guess it needs to be this way.

And how do you call this game…

You call it love.

Your own perfect way to love.

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