Geschreven in april 2013


Thoughts put me,

between two walls.

I pull them up,

just to protect myself.


They are strong as diamonds,

But at the same time, weak as sand.

They collapse with even the smallest drop of water.

A small tear, full of sadness is enough.


The worries in my head,

Keep going round and round

There is no answer to be found.

The trail I followed is dead.


You've raised enough questions,

to keep me busy for awhile.

Trying to find the answers,

They keep forming a huge pile.

A pile of sadness, worries and fear.

A pile of wondering,

why you won’t make something clear.


Yesterday all was good, all was fine

Today a small black splinter has become a line

A line through all the good

And turned it bad.

And all that helped me,

Now makes me sad.


I need to let go,

Need to forget.

Need to know,

Need to reset.


Need you now,

To fix what you left.


Need a hug,

Some words your smile

Need to hold you,

For a little while.

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